Corporal Jason Bent - Team Junior Rigger

Corporal Jason Bent

Corporal Jason Bent began his military career with the Regular Forces in 2007, at the age of 18, and was posted to Base Supply in 14 Wing Greenwood. While serving at 14 Wing he worked various roles at Clothing Stores, Aircraft Spares, as the High Priority Requisition Clerk and Fuel Farm Operator. During his four years in Greenwood, Cpl Bent conducted missions in Afghanistan and near the North Pole at CFB Alert. In 2013, after returning from the North Pole, Cpl Bent completed his Basic Jump Course and was posted to the Canadian Army Advance Warfare Centre (CAAWC) in Trenton, Ontario. In preparation to become a Parachute Rigger Specialist. In 2014, Cpl Bent completed his Basic Packing Phase, the first of three phases to becoming a Parachute Rigger, and then was sent to Poland to support Operation Reassurance. During 2015-2016, Cpl Bent finished the Maintenance and Rigging phases of his Parachute Rigger training and became a fully qualified Military Parachute Rigger Specialist. Most recently, Cpl Bent completed a FAA Master Rigger course prior to joining the Skyhawk’s team in November 2016.

Occupation: Parachute Rigger
Unit: Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre
Deployments: Afghanistan (2010), Poland (2014)
Position: Demonstrator / Team Junior Rigger
Time in the CAF: 9 years
Jumps: 358
Home Town: Greenwood, Nova Scotia

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