Ranger Profile – Sergeant Cyril Abbott - Video

Video / April 26, 2017 / Project number: 16-0279-01


(Fade in to a shot of Sergeant Cyril Abbott standing with other Canadian Rangers in a field.)

Sergeant Cyril Abbott (Voiceover) : My name is Sgt Abbott. I’m from the Bonavista Patrol.  My unit is 5 CRPG. Before I joined the Forces, I was just a fisherman and I worked in the lumber woods.  A couple of buddies of mine were in the Regular Force.

(Cut to close up of Sgt Abbott standing in a field in front of a firing range.)

When they used to come home, we would get together and talk about things, and I said “I’ll give it a try” and I’m glad I did.

(Cut to shot of Sgt Abbott and others unloading equipment from a truck. Sgt Abbot fills a Lee Enfield rifle magazine.)

(Voiceover) I started out with the Black Watch in CFB Gagetown. When we got disbanded there in 1970, I went with 2 RCR in CFB Gagetown again. I’ve been in the military for 20 years, Regular Force and when I retired from the Regular Force, I went with the Reserves and I have been with them ever since.  I’ve got 52 years in now, total.

(Cut to a scene of Canadian Rangers on a firing range with Lee Enfield rifles.)

Voice on PA system : Stage one, snap multi-positions. Watch and shoot.

(Canadian Rangers aim and fire on targets. When they finish firing they run toward targets)

Sergeant Cyril Abbott (Voiceover) : My duty right now is the storeman with the CAFSAC team.  I have been at it now for 10 years. 

(Canadian Rangers stop and kneel. Cut to close-up of a Canadian Ranger firing on a target. Succession of Canadian Rangers move toward targets and fire.)

(Voiceover) I also do stores for the Junior Canadian Rangers and I participate in all the activities when they are on patrol.

(Cut to close-up of Sgt Abbott.)

It’s a great opportunity for a person too - if they are going on for a career, they can take it through the Canadian Armed Forces. 

(Cut to shot of Sgt Abbott with a Lee Enfield instructing other Canadian Rangers in a field.)

(Voiceover) Also, there is a lot of security for them.  You’ll see parts of the world. You know, you do 20-25 years, you retire with a pension.  It’s a great opportunity - the Forces, I really love it.

(Cut to shot of Sgt Abbott and other Canadian Rangers gathering up equipment.)

Since I joined the Forces, I met a lot of people.  I learned a lot from the Forces.  If I had to do it, I’d do it all over again.

(Fade to black)

(Fade in photo of Sgt Abbot with CA commanding officers. Fade in text beneath the photo - On Sept. 17, 2016, Sgt Cyril Abbott was awarded the 4th clasp of the Canadian Forces Decoration for 52 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces.)

(Fade to black with Canadian Army tagline “Strong. Proud. Ready.” in the centre of the screen.  The Canadian Army visual identifier is in the bottom right corner. Fade to Canada Wordmark.)



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