Op UNIFIER - Grenade Range (Video)

Video / December 5, 2016 / Project number: ncr-vid-16-0311-03-grenade-range


(Sound of heavy excavating equipment operating starts)

(Open to scene of an excavator spinning towards the camera. Excavator is in on a dirt mount, surrounded by HESCO bastions with soldiers standing on top) 

(Cut to close up of excavator scooping up dirt from the ground)

Master Warrant Officer John Brogaard - Range Control MWO, Operation Unifier

(voiceover) What you see here is the construction of the joint Canadian, U.S., Ukrainian grenade range.

(Cut to shot through the window of a heavy equipment operator working in excavator and dumping dirt into HESCO bastions)

(voiceover) With the U.S. and Canadian Forces here, we have conceived a plan for the grenade range for the Ukrainians to become interoperable with NATO forces.

(Sound of heavy excavating equipment operating stops)

(Cut to close up of Master Warrant Officer John Brogaard standing in front of the excavation zone)

(voiceover) So, we took the best of the safety rules and regulations from both countries to conceive what’s behind us as the safe – very safe – range for the Ukrainian army to train on once completed.

(Sound of heavy excavating equipment operating starts)

(Cut to scene of soldiers working on top of, and around HESCO bastions with shovels. Master Warrant Officer Brogaard is speaking with other soldiers on the ground)

(voiceover) Right now on the site, there’s upwards of 30 Ukrainian soldiers, two civilian heavy equipment operators, and myself.

(Cut to side view of HESCO bastions with soldiers working in the dirt mounds on top)

(voiceover) It’s constructed of HESCO bastions.

(Cut to shot of two soldiers shovelling dirt on top of HESCO bastions)

And, what they are, is, field expedient barriers filled with dirt that once constructed can stop a lot of effects.

(Cut to zoomed out view of the grenade range. Stacks of HESCO bastions form the perimeter of three rectangular bays in an expansive dirt field)

(voiceover) In the complex, there will be three identical bays.

(Cut to a camera pan of the bay walls created by HESCO bastions from inside a bay)

(voiceover) Forty metres wide, one hundred metres long, with three throwing bays. And we can have up to nine throwers that can be going on.

(Cut to close up of Master Warrant Officer John Brogaard surveying an excavator with other soldiers. Excavator piles dirt into HESCO bastions)

Once the grenade range is deemed safe and operational, we will then turn this site over to the Ukrainian army.

(voiceover) It’s showing the Ukrainian army what a safe range looks like. And then, we will move on to other ranges and start constructing with our Ukrainian counterparts, more ranges which are safe.

(Sound of heavy excavating equipment operating ends)

(Fade to black with Canadian Army tagline “Strong. Proud. Ready.”  in the center of the screen.  The Canadian Army visual identifier is in the bottom right corner)

(Fade to National Defence wordmark with copyright information: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of National Defence, 2016)

(Fade to Canada wordmark)

(Fade to black)



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