ARCHIVED - Korean War Newsreel: BGen Rockingham expresses pride in an undefeated Canadian brigade

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Video / November 4, 2013 / Project number: 13-0122-2

Archival footage from a Canadian Army Newsreel featuring the the Canadian brigade celebrating their imminent relief by fresh Canadian troops.


Fade up to archival film – Title on screen – “Department of National Defence presents, Korea Brigade, produced by Directorate of Public Relations (Army)

(Dissolve to landing craft hitting the beach and soldiers exit)

Narrator: With the first warm breezes of spring stirring over the hills and paddy fields, the soldiers of the brigade who had now served for a year in Korea were relieved by fresh arrivals from Canada and prepared to return home.

(Cut to wide shot of Brigadier Rockingham addressing newly arrived troops who are standing before him lined up in formation. Korean children are seated in a line watching.)

The arriving troops were greeted by Brigadier Rockingham who told them of the fine record achieved by the Canadians in Korea.

(Cut to close up of Brigadier Rockingham)

Brigadier Rockingham was justly proud of his men who had never once failed to gain an objective in attack

(Cut to wide shot of soldiers in formation)

and to hold their position against all enemy attacks.

(Cut to close up of Brigadier Rockingham and other military officials)

The Brigadier was confident that this record would be worthily upheld.

(Cut to soldiers crossing barb wire fences)

In due course, the new formations under the leadership of Brigadier Pat Bogart took over their positions on the front line.

Men of the Second Field Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery,

(Cut to wide shot of two soldiers shaking hands and entering barracks)

The Lord Strathcona’s Horse, the Second Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, The Royal 22nd Regiment,

(Cut to wide shot of grinning soldiers walking in single file carrying rucksacks)

and all the other units who had done so well to further the cause of Canadian arms and the cause of freedom-loving people everywhere left the battlefield and prepared for the joy of returning home to their loved ones.

To the sure knowledge of a job well done and the happiness of home, they will gather added satisfaction

(Cut to wide shot of Korean hillside, we can see civilians and soldiers)

knowing that their task will be carried on to a successful conclusion

(Cut to wide shot of soldiers patrolling hilltop)

by the capable men who replaced them on the Korean hill.

(Music fades up, fade to graphic, “Korea Brigade, The End,” fade to black)

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