G.O.C. Visits Historic Sights of Last War - Video

Video / February 13, 2017 / Project number: 17-0061

(Music playing throughout)

(Black and white footage begins with title page G.O.C. Visits Historic Sights of Last War

Canadian Army News Reel)

(Cut to scenic views of city village)

Male voiceover: As the tide of war moves forward, liberated cities of France return to a semblance of normalcy. Rouen, historic city of Joan of Arc, in the shadow of Napoleon’s statue, a special ceremony takes place.

(Cut to a car arriving in the crowded town square in front of Napoleon’s statue)

Male voiceover: The G.O.C. First Canadian Army, Lieutenant-General Crerar arrives at the town hall to make a presentation which will help cement the friendship between the Canadians and the French people.

(Cut to shot of LGen Crerar standing with soldiers from the band, ready to inspect the troops)

Male voiceover: A special guard of honour is selected from units of the RCEME. Before the ceremony takes place, they are inspected by the G.O.C. and the Mayor of Rouen. The occasion is the presentation to the city of a plaque made by Canadian troops.

(Cut to a shot of soldiers standing at attention in the square as they are inspected by LGen Crerar)

(Cut to Mayor Montier giving a speech from a stone balcony above the troops)

Male voiceover: In a speech full of warm welcome to the Canadians, his worship Mayor Montier accepts the plaque on behalf of the citizens of Rouen.

(Cut to a medium shot of Mayor Montier standing and holding the plaque)

(Cut to a medium shot of the Canadian Army Commander disembarking an airplane)

Male voiceover: The Canadian Army Commander pays a visit to the Vimy Ridge memorial. Recently captured by Canadian troops, Vimy Ridge brings back memories of the last war to General Crerar. He fought there with the Canadian Corps. He inspects the famous Canadian memorial, which is still in good condition.

(Cut to a medium shot of LGen Crerar speaking with the Vimy memorial grounds keeper)

Male voiceover: Even during the occupation, the caretaker kept the Vimy memorial grounds in order.

(Cut to close up of inscription on Vimy memorial - The Canadian Corps on 9th April 1917 with four divisions in line on a front of four miles attacked and captured this ridge)

(Cut to medium shot of General Crerar pointing to the cenotaph)

Male voiceover: The proud cenotaph looks down on another generation of Canadians who have nobly upheld the traditions their fathers died for on Vimy Ridge.

(Cut to a shot of General Crerar and others descending staircase of Vimy memorial)

(Cut to a long shot of the Vimy Ridge memorial in the distance)

(Fade to black. Fade to Title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts)

(Fade to National Defence Identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.)



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