Canadian Rangers & Junior Canadian Rangers welcome The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Video / October 13, 2016 / Project number: 16-0254-2


(Wide shot of Canadian Rangers marching onto tarmac)

Brigadier General Rob Roy MacKenzie:

We’re here in Whitehorse in support of the Royal Tour with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

(Cut to close up of Brigadier General Rob Roy MacKenzie with key reading ‘BGen/Bgén Rob Roy MacKenzie COS A Res/CEM R es A’)

BGen Mackenzie (voiceover):

as part of their visit coming to Whitehorse here. So the Canadian Rangers and the Junior Canadian Rangers are here and they’re going to meet them on the tarmac

(Cut to wide shot of Rangers standing on tarmac)

BGen Mackenzie (voiceover):

and it’s an opportunity for the Royals to meet and speak with some of our great Canadian Rangers

(Cut to medium shot of BGen MacKenzie inspecting Junior Rangers)

BGen Mackenzie (voiceover) :

and some Junior Rangers as well.

(Cut to close up of Junior Ranger Jason Symanski)

Jason Symanski:

Today Prince William and Princess Kate, along with a couple of other distinguished people, are coming in from Vancouver and we’re going to meet them.

(Cut to close up of Ranger Julian Blacksmith)

Julian Blacksmith:

Not very many people had the opportunity to come so I’m very excited and very happy to be here. It’s an honour.

(Cut to close up of Junior Ranger April Dumas)

April Dumas:

This has got to be the most exciting trip I’ve ever been on with the Rangers. I’ve been on very exciting trips, all of them have been amazing, but this one by far is going to be overall the best.

Hailey Hemeldyson:

I’m pretty honoured to actually get to meet them and actually get to stand guard and be the guard for them.

(Cut to medium shot of Junior Ranger Hemeldyson standing with other Junior Rangers on the tarmac)

Hailey Hemeldyson (voiceover):

I’m glad that they were able to ask the JCRs and the Rangers to do that for them.

(Cut to wide shot of Rangers and Junior Rangers posing for a photo on tarmac. A small plane is taking off in the distance)

(Fade to black.  Fade to Title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts.)

(Fade to National Defence Identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.)



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