Canadian Army hosts Indigenous Awareness Week commemorative event : Video

Video / June 20, 2017 / Project number: 17-1033


Scene opens with a shot of 3 sets of feet dancing quickly to a jig.

Medium shot of two young girls and a young boy dancing on a red carpeted stage, with other unidentified participants clapping along.

Cut to a medium shot of Lieutenant-General Paul Wynnyk, Commander Canadian Army, and Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond, clapping along to the music as they sit with members of an audience.

Medium shot of two young girls and a young boy dancing, before moving to a close up shot of their feet as they complete the dance.

Cut to a medium shot of Aurel Dube, Algonquin Nation representative standing at a podium

Aurel Dube: I greet you and I welcome you here on unseeded Algonquin territories. Thank you, merci, meegwetch.

Cut to a medium shot of audience members attending the event.

Cut to a close up shot of LGen Paul Wynnyk standing at a podium.

LGen Wynnyk: I am very pleased to see the courage, the tenacity and strength that these Indigenous soldiers demonstrate on a daily basis both within the Defence Team as well as within our society at large.

Cut to a series of shots that follow the piecing together of the Eagle Staff which is made up of a wooden bow staff, a Narwhal tusk, a Métis sash, an eagle carving, eagle feathers and flags representing each of the provinces and territories.

Our Indigenous peoples bring rich and diverse skill sets to the Canadian Armed Forces, ultimately strengthening our operational output and the Defence Team benefits immensely from the unique cultural, spiritual and traditional identities of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. 

Cut to a close shot of an unidentified female beating on a hand-held drum while singing.

Cut to a medium shot of a group of females beating on hand-held drums and singing.

(Fade to black. Fade to title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts.)

(Fade to National Defence identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.)



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