Atlin Patrol Exercise - Video

Video / April 10, 2017 / Project number: 17-0070-atlin-patrol-exercse


(Country music playing)

(Scenic views of water and mountain ranges in the background)

(A small motor boat enters the screen and cuts through small waves. A Ranger is driving the small boat)

(Cut to a wider shot with three small boats following each other across the water)

(Cut to a shot of a ranger driving a rigid-hulled inflatable boat, with the Ranger flag flying at the back)

(Cut to a shot of four boats coming to shore, the first flying a large Canadian Flag)

Sergeant Scott Odian: On every patrol that we do, we try to go to an area we haven’t been before – familiarize ourselves with our local area a little bit better. Do some training – we try to kind of get to the boundaries of where we can go.

(Cut to a shot of Sergeant Scott Odian of the Atlin Patrol – 1 Canadian Rangers Patrol Goup  standing, with the boats docked on the shore in the distance)

Sergeant Scott Odian: Amongst our patrol every year, we try to do something a little bit challenging and push ourselves a little bit and also try something new.

(Cut to a shot of a group of Rangers participating in a group exercise, guiding one member through a web of ropes tied between trees)

(Ranger crawling through the ropes: One, one…)

(Loud group cheers as the Ranger successfully makes it through the ropes)

(Cut to a shot of a group of Rangers cutting wood, a dog running around the site)

Sergeant Scott Odian: So a couple of years ago we started the Ranger Challenge, we kinda call it, and every year we add a little bit to it.

(Cut to a close up shot of Rangers gathering a pile of kindling, trying to start a campfire)

(Unidentified male: There you go. You might almost be better off using the twigs)

Sergeant Scott Odian: It’s a really good way to refresh yourself on a lot of things we don’t practise every day.

(Cut to an overhead shot of Rangers gathered around the campfire they have just started. A black pot is passed over top of the fire)

(Unidentified male: Just someone hold the pot over there, just for now)

(Sounds of chainsaw starting)

(Cut to a scene of Rangers gathering trees that have been cut down)

Sergeant Scott Odian: You get to learn who’s the leaders just by watching. Leaders always show themselves and that is good for me to actually see who the leaders are, who takes control.

(Cuts to a scene of Rangers tying the tree logs together to make a small raft)

(Unidentified male: When we’re done this, you need to get the safety boat)

Sergeant Scott Odian: If you get a group of people together that won’t work together you’ll never accomplish a task. You’ve gotta be able to work together and a strong team accomplishes stuff so much better.

(Cut to a scene of Rangers testing out the rafts they have just built out of logs. The Rangers are wearing life jackets and using an oar to paddle themselves)

(Unidentified male: Good job guys! You’ve got this! You guys are almost halfway there!)

(Cut to a close up shot of a group of Rangers tying blue rope around two pieces of wood)

Sergeant Scott Odian: I think it’s important to push your limits sometimes, in a safe way. That’s where you know what you can and can’t do and I think that’s important. If you ever get a callout for a search and rescue or anything when it comes down to someone’s life might be in danger, you need to know where you can go and how far you can push yourself to be safe and help others.

(Country music begins)

(Cut to a close up shot of the stump of a tree that has been cut and carved with the Rangers logo and 1 CRPG identifier, including 2016 Ranger Skills Challenge)

(Cut to a shot of a group of Rangers holding the tree stump logo over top of two female junior ranger participants)

(Unidentified male: Keep smiling!)

(Group laughter)

(Fade to black. The green Canadian Rangers logo quickly appears on screen.  Three maple leafs, a rifle and an axe are stamped into the middle of the Ranger shield, with a red banner marking 70 years of the Canadian Rangers 1947-2017 appearing immediately below in white text.)

(Fade to black. Fade to Title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts)

(Fade to National Defence Identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.)



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