20 Seconds of Courage - Video

Video / April 27, 2017 / Project number: 16-350


(Close up profile shot of Captain Donna Riguidel with text reading “Sexual Misconduct Resource Centre.” (SMRC))

(Ambient gentle piano music starts)

Capt. Riguidel: My name is is Captain Donna Riguidel.

(Cut to close up of Captain Riguidel.)

Capt. Riguidel: I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1993, and left in 1997 as victim of sexual misconduct.  I rejoined in 2006 as a survivor.

(Cut to close up profile shot. Text appears on screen reading “Ashamed, Guilty, Alone.”.)

As a victim, you can feel ashamed, you feel guilty, you feel alone, you feel like you’re suffering all by yourself.

(Cut to close up of Captain Riguidel with a large stopwatch face and red second hand visible in the background.)

Capt. Riguidel: If you are suffering from sexual misconduct, I’m going to ask you to do something very difficult.  I’m going to ask you to have 20 seconds of courage…

(Stopwatch begins to tick starting at the zero second mark.)

…and turn to someone that you trust, call the SMRC, email me or somebody else in uniform.  Tell them what’s happening.  They will believe you.  You will not be alone. It is not your fault. Everything you feel is normal. How can we help?

(Stopwatch stops ticking at the 20 second mark. Text appears reading “20 Seconds of courage.”

(Text appears reading: “Have you been affected or impacted by inappropriate sexual behaviour in the Canadian Armed Forces? Contact the SMRC Sexual Misconduct Resource Centre. 1-844-750-1648 (email) DND.SMRC-CIIS.MDN@forces.gc.ca

 (Fade to black.  Fade to Title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts)

(Fade to National Defence Identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.)



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