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Article / February 13, 2017 / Project number: c-ar-170213-lasting-effects

By Captain Marc Gallant

You don’t need to look very hard at the personnel roster of any police service before finding officers with either a personal or family military history.  This isn’t surprising as these security agencies tend to draw their members from similar people, those who have a strong sense of duty and a willingness to serve the public good.  What is surprising is that organizations such as these can operate in the same community, but have little knowledge of each other.  At a recent meeting between Cobourg Police Chief Kai Liu and the Commanding Officer of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Comeau, it was agreed that some form of outreach was long overdue. 

“Building a strong relationship between our communities police force is paramount in the primary reserves.  Our part-time soldiers have a wide range of full time careers but what I have found is police officers fit in very well to our unit.’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Comeau

On 26 November 2016 Ortona Compay of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment played host to Law Enforcement Officers from the Coburg Police Service. While the intent was to provide a networking opportunity for members of the local police service and the Primary Reserve, it quickly became apparent that there was plenty of opportunity for future engagement.  Police officers from Cobourg were given a tour of the Hasty P’s Cobourg Armoury including the Small Arms Trainer.  In addition to static displays of platoon weapons, practical displays included Vehicle Checkpoints, Close Quarter Combat and Urban Operations with simunition. 

Unique security related transferable skills between the Primary Reserve and Policing were certainly evident.  Cobourg Police officers also train on the C8 Carbine, conduct defensive tactics (CQC) and Immediate Rapid Deployment training (house clearing) in response to active shooters. 

The networking event may have some lasting effects because Cobourg Police are now familiar with the Hasty P’s in their area and what skills they offer.  Police now have an agency that they can direct young people towards, particularly those who are looking for challenging and rewarding part time employment.  The Primary Reserve is the exact type of employment that provides valuable life experience and skills that many police services are looking for in their own applicants.

Both groups are looking forward to any joint training opportunities that might become available.  

The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment is an Army Reserve infantry unit within 33 Canadian Brigade Group.  The Unit is tasked to generate operationally capable, ethical soldiers to support CAF operations.  The Unit focuses on training, force generating and sustaining effective, relevant multi-purpose capable soldiers and sub-units in order to meet all assigned tasks.  The Regiment, known affectionately as the “Hasty P’s”, has three locations across central Ontario in the towns of Belleville, Peterborough and Cobourg.  The Regiment is organized into three companies:

  • A Headquarters Company located in Belleville;
  • A Rifle Company (Ortona) located in Belleville, Peterborough and Cobourg; and,
  • An Administration Company (Somme) located in Belleville.

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