Exercise STORMING BEAR - Task Force Tomahawk Live Fire Training on the Road to High Readiness

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Article / November 10, 2016 / Project number: c-ar-1110-ex-storming-bear

The Road to High Readiness (RTHR) is being paved in Petawawa this month with live fire combined arms training.  Exercise STORMING BEAR, which began on 24 October and will run until 21 November, will see Task Force Tomahawk units completing complex, combined arms and multi-element live fire ranges in the Petawawa training area as they achieve level 4 Company and level 5 Battlegroup standards.

The Road to High Readiness is the Canadian Army’s flagship training regime that prepares soldiers for national or expeditionary deployments, as mandated by the Government of Canada.  Exercise STOTMING BEAR is a key stepping stone for high readiness training, and will set the stage for the culmination RTHR training: Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE in May 2017. The goal of the training is to generate a competent, confident and integrated Army brigade that can provide scalable, mission-tailored and responsive forces for full spectrum operations.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Royal Canadian Regiment, The Royal Canadian Dragoons, 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, 2 Signals Squadron, 2 Service Battalion, 2 Field Ambulance, 450 Tactical Helicopter  Squadron as well as other enablers are all participating.  Canadian Army soldiers from the Primary Reserve also participated in Exercise STORMING BEAR, fully integrated into their equivalent and affiliated Regular Force units.

The complex, dynamic nature of these ranges involve dismounted soldiers advancing on objectives supported by live firing armoured vehicles, 155mm artillery, CH-147 Chinook helicopters and other supporting elements.  The fact that soldiers will be firing live ammunition amidst these varying moving pieces is the crux of what makes high leveled combined ranges so intricate and such valuable training.

Because elements of Task Force Tomahawk: 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment and C Squadron, The Royal Canadian Dragoons, are based out of Gagetown, New Brunswick, Exercise Storming Bear is further complicated by the distance separating these units.

These challenges to individual soldiers as well as unit and task force command and control organizations will help prepare Task Force Tomahawk when it is called upon to fill High Readiness tasks next year.  Until then the Task Force will continue on the Road to High Readiness, the next bound being Exercise Sharpening Tomahawk which will take place in Petawawa at the end of November.

By Lieutenant Dan Mazurek, Task Force Tomahawk Public Affairs Officer

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