Exercise FROZEN PATRIOT Teaches How to Soldier in the Snow

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Article / March 7, 2016 / Project number: c-ar-0307-frozen-patriot

Near Whitman Dam Road, north of Sault Ste. Marie 23 members of 49th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, took part in Exercise FROZEN PATRIOT, February 26-28. The aim was to teach soldiers how to live and work in winter conditions. This includes learning skills such as deploying arctic tents, establishing snow defences and mastering winter survival.

Members of the 49th Field Regiment train throughout the year to be able to function in any weather conditions. "Artillery has to operate in all environments. [During the winter] all the drills are the same, but it is more challenging to use and maintain the equipment,” explained Major Biran Nadon, Battery Commander of 49th Field Regiment.

For many of the newly trained members of the regiment, such as Gunner Adam Marcil, this is their first year training in winter conditions. "The biggest challenge of this exercise was adapting to the extra weight of winter kit”, he commented. “I learned a lot, though, about how to stay warm by adjusting my personal equipment.”

For other, experienced members of the regiment Exercise FORZEN PATRIOT was an opportunity to train the next generation. “After 26 years I still come out to exercises like this because I enjoy passing on the skills I have learned to our new soldiers,” stated Captain Mark Grbich. “It also keeps me active and young,” he adds.


by Captain Scott Atchison, Public Affairs, 33 Canadian Brigade Group

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