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The British Columbia Dragoons (BCD) is a Primary Reserve unit of the Canadian Armed Forces. It is an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment based in the Okanagan Valley, with subunits in Kelowna and Vernon. Founded in 1911, the BCD fought in both world wars and its soldiers have since taken part in numerous NATO and UN operations overseas.

.As part of British Columbia’s 39 Brigade, BCD soldiers serve part-time in the Canadian Armed Forces, training on Wednesday nights and one weekend a month in addition to their civilian occupations or studies in high school or postsecondary education.  

As reservists, BCD personnel are trained to serve in the crew of an armoured fighting vehicle. On active operations, they are often called upon to augment Canada’s regular army, most recently in Afghanistan, fighting alongside other units of a combined arms team, including infantry, artillery, and field engineers.

As armoured reconnaissance soldiers, their role is to gather information on the terrain and opposing forces, using force if necessary and often operating well forward of friendly lines. They are highly trained soldiers who possess the self-discipline, courage, and the mental and physical stamina to endure the conditions of modern war. In peacetime, Canada’s Army Reserve provides support during domestic operations, assists civilian authorities during natural disasters, and trains alongside the regular army and NATO allies to protect Canada and its people.

Join Our Unit

The Army Reserve is open to Canadian citizens, ages 16 or over. Service is voluntary, with no set term of service. Volunteers for the army reserve can quit any time, and there is no obligation to serve overseas.

Army Reservists are well paid for their service, with additional bonuses offered to those who are completing post-secondary education. For more information, contact our unit recruiter at 250-712-4227.

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Command Team

  • Commanding Officer: Lieutenant-Colonel M.S. McGinty
  • Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer D.H. Jones

Honorary Colonels

  • Honorary Colonel Martin Cronin
  • Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Denis Cyr

Our History

This Reserve Force regiment originated in Vernon, British Columbia on April 1, 1911, when two four-squadron regiments designated the British Columbia Horse were authorized to be formed.

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We use the following equipment:

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The British Columbia Dragoons
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Phone: 250-712-4230

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