5th Canadian Division Training Centre

The 5th Canadian Division Training Centre (5 CDTC) is located at the 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown in Oromocto, New Brunswick and at the 5 CDSG Detachment Aldershot, in Kentville, Nova Scotia.


Our mission is to train adaptive and morally grounded officers and soldiers for combat operations. 

About us

We are a dynamic, professional organization dedicated to providing individual training to Regular Force and Primary Reserve (PRes) officers and soldiers from across Canada. We conduct a variety of Military Professional Development courses throughout the year, with special emphasis placed on PRes training in the summer timeframe.

5 CDTC is also Primary Reserve Individual Training Authority (PRITA) for Primary Reserve units within 5th Canadian Division.

42 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Gagetown

Contact Information


Building A-47
Oromocto, NB

Reception: 506-422-2000 ext. 1482

Patient Information

Clinic Hours of Operation: 0730h—1530h Monday  to Friday
Sick Parade (Walk-In) Services:  0730h-1000h
Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays


CF Member Assistance Program: voluntary and confidential service to help those members with personal concerns: 1-800-268-7708 (24 Hours)

Client Contact Information

  • Telephone: 506-422-2000
  • Physiotherapy: Local 3621
  • Pharmacy: Local 3974
  • Prescriptions Refills: Local 2967
  • Case Management: Local 3826
  • Mental Health Team: 506-357-6482
  • Psychosocial Team:  Local 6107
  • Community Health Nurse: Local 7342
  • Immunization / Allergy Clinic:  Local 3624
  • Diagnostic Imaging:  Local 3636
  • Laboratory:  Local 7620 or 3637
  • Preventative Medicine:  Local 2219 or 2260
  • Health Records:  Local 1482
  • Blue Cross Billing: Local 3227
  • Orderly Room: Local  3270


Hours: 0800h—1200h and 1300h—1530h
Speak to a Pharmacist: 506-422-2000 ext 3974
Prescription Refills: 506-422-2000 ext 2967(allow 48 hours for refill to be ready)

Accessing After Hours Care

If you require after hours care that cannot wait until your CDU is open, please proceed to your nearest Emergency Department or Walk In Clinic. Remember to present your Blue Cross card.

Members are encouraged to phone New Brunswick Tele-Care with after-hours questions relating to health information or accessing medical care after hours by calling 811.

Services Provided

Care Delivery Units

Your CDU is your clinic—it’s an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and medical technicians that work together to deliver the best care possible. This team provides sick parade services, medical appointments, periodic health assessments, and referrals to specialist services, including mental health.

The CDU that you report to is dependent on the Unit that you are posted.


Phone: 506-422-2000 Local 6068
Email: +42 Health Svcs CDU A Gagetown - UPS A Gagetown@42 Health Services Centre@Gagetown
Rostered Units:  CTC HQ, Tactics School, 2RCR, C Sqn RCD, 4ESR, 403 (Hel) OTS, 42 CF H Svcs


Phone: 506-422-2000 Local 3365
Email: +42 Health Svcs CDU B Gagetown - UPS B Gagetown@42 Health Services Centre@Gagetown
Rostered Units: Armd School, Arty School, Inf School, CATEU, CFSEME (det Gagetown), 4th Arty Regt, 5 Can Div TC, 1 Dent Unit, CFRD Fredericton


Phone: 506-422-2000 Local 3892
Email: +42 Health Svcs CDU C Gagetown - UPS C Gagetown@42 Health Services Centre@Gagetown
Rostered Units: 5 CDSB, CFSME , JPSU (Staff only), 5 ESU,  RCSU  (Atl), 3 Fd Regt, HMCS Brunswicker, 37 CBG HQ,  37 Svc Bn, 37 Sigs Sqn, 37 CER,  Det Charlottown, 8 CH

Periodic Health Assessments

All CAF personnel are reminded that it is a member’s responsibility to book routine medicals 3-4 months in advance of their medical category expiration.  For personnel under the age of 40 the requirement is every 5 years, and for those over the age of 40 the requirement is every 2 years.  Those with specialist occupational requirements such as dive and flight crew require annual verification.

All Booked Appointments

When booking your appointment, be sure to confirm your personal contact information.  Should you need to cancel or rebook an appointment, 48 hours notification is desired.

Missed appointments are costly to DND and result in a direct operational impact to those awaiting similar medical services.  If a member is not present for their appointment, their Unit will be notified.


If have been seen by a specialist and you are scheduled for a surgery, you must contact your CDU as early as possible to arrange an appointment with your Primary Care Nurse (PCN). At this appointment you will discuss the general surgical process, including medical care, associated services and administrative processes such as sick leave and return to duty.


The Physio Team provides assessment, education, and treatment to personnel with musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities.  Recent injuries/conditions can be seen by a Physiotherapist on Sick Parade, or can be referred by your CDU clinician.

Community Health Nurse (CHN)

The CHN provides education surrounding cardiovascular and sexual health, routine medication via injection, and diabetes.  The CHN also serves as a liaison between the base and civilian hospital. When a member visits a civilian hospital they can expect this nurse to follow their progress and assist the hospital with discharge and/or follow up.

The community health nurse can be reached at 422-2000 ext. 7342.

Mental Health Services

A. Mental Health Intake Services (walk-in services) are located at the base clinic and are open 0730h—1530h daily with closure 1200h—1300h for lunch.

B. Psychosocial Services: This team provides psycho-social crisis intervention, short-term counselling services and admin-related needs (screening, compassionate postings). The team is located in building A-337, directly behind the base clinic.

C. General Mental Health Services and the Operational Trauma & Stress Support Centre located at 75 Restigouche Rd. provides assessment, and individual and/or group treatment for people with mental health concerns and  those with addictions.  Members can be referred by their primary care clinician or by the Intake Service located in the base clinic. 

Case Management

Nurse Case Managers are part of your healthcare team and help members coordinate complex medical needs as well as their transition to civilian healthcare, civilian life, and/or return to work.  Members are referred to Case Management by their CDU clinician.

Location - 5 CDTC Gagetown

Map of 5 CDTC Gagetown


The Headquarters of 5 CDTC is located in building L-33, 5 CDSB Gagetown.

Contact info

Info: 506-422-2000 ext. 3925
Duty Officer: 506-470-2971
5 CDTC Facebook

Mailing Address:     

5th Canadian Division Training Centre
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Oromocto, NB E2V 4J5

Location – 5 CDTC Aldershot

D Company is located in buildings 53, 210 and 216, at 5 CDSG Detachment Aldershot.

Map of 5 CDTC Aldershot


Contact Info 

Info: 902-678-7930 ext. 2137
Duty Officer: 902-670-0178
5 CDTC Facebook

Mailing Address

Detachment Aldershot
PO Box 820 Stn Forces
Kentville, NS B4N 4H8

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