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Who We Are

The 4 Intelligence company's (4 Int Coy) mission is to generate and, on order, deploy intelligence specialists and support teams to assist domestic and expeditionary operations as mandated by the 2nd Canadian Division / Joint Task Force (East).

Over the unit’s 20-year existence, its members have taken part in most of the international deployments: Former Yugoslavia, Haiti, Central African Republic, East Timor, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe. The 4 Intelligence company currently includes 87 members in the Montreal and Quebec areas.


Our History

The 4 Intelligence Company (4 Int Coy) was established on January 28, 1995. Although the unit is very recent, it has its origins in the 1st Intelligence Company (1948) at Québec Command and the Section du Renseignement du Secteur de l’Est (1976). Ten years later, on May 17, 2005, the unit created a detachment in Quebec.

From 2007 to 2010, the company's members initiatives fostered the creation of a mobile intelligence training team and a domestic intelligence support team. The unit is also a regular participant in the various 2nd Canadian Division's exercices. In 2014, the unit implemented the Intelligence Primary Targeted Audience during the Military Concentration (MILCON), while continuing to provide the other participants with support. This is what the 4 Intelligence Company does best : supporting 2nd Canadian Division's training courses and units while pursuing its own training.

Contact Us

4 Intelligence Company
6560 Hochelaga East, building 216,
Montreal, Quebec, H1N1X9

CFB Valcartier, building 521 (the bunker),
Courcelette,Quebec, G0A 4Z0


Montreal Region
Warrant-Officer Benoit Themens
514-252-2777 ext. 4224

Quebec Region
Master-Corporal Sébastien Ruel
418-844-5000 ext. 4347

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