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The mission of the Canadian Military Engineers is to contribute to the survival, mobility, and combat effectiveness of the Canadian Forces. Their roles are to conduct combat operations, support the Canadian Forces in war and peace, support national development, provide assistance to civil authorities, and support international aid programs.

Engineers serve wherever the need arises. Military engineers’ responsibilities encompass the use of demolitions and land mines, the design, construction and maintenance of defensive works and fortifications, lines of communications, and bridges. They also provide water, power and other utilities, provide fire, aircraft crash and rescue services, hazardous material operations, and develop maps and other engineering intelligence.

In addition, military engineers are experts in deception and concealment, as well as the design and development of equipment necessary to carry out these operations.

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Command Team

Commanding Officer - Lieutenant-Colonel David McGuire
Sergeant-Major - Chief Warrant Offcer Ray MacMillan

Our History

Following the Boer War the Canadian Government realized that the defence of Canada required more than just a single infantry battalion and a few artillery batteries as part of the permanent defence force. In 1903 The Royal Canadian Engineers were founded as the basis of the permanent military engineers, while the militia had the Canadian Engineer Corps created.

World War I

One of the first tasks completed by the engineers after the declaration of war upon Germany in 1914 was for the rapid development of the Valcartier training site in Quebec. At its peak size 30,000 men where stationed here before the 1st Canadian Division was deployed to England. 

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Join Our Unit

If you are interested in joining 36 Combat Engineer Regiment please contact our recruiting office at 1-902-563-7100 ext 7109.

When We Train

36 Combat Engineer Regiment trains from September through to June on Thursday evenings (6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) and one weekend per month.


For more information about the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Army, visit our Equipment page.

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36 Combat Engineer Regiment
Victoria Park, 1 Desbarres Street
Sydney, NS B1P 6Z2
Phone: 902-563-7100


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